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Periodic Table Wiki is a source for key information related to the historic background, organization and important trends of the Periodic Table. Details regarding Atomic Theory and a few of the major elements of the Periodic Table are also provided.  Links to the five main pages presenting this information are found below.This wiki is a collaborative database created and editied by a team of SNCD1 grade 9 chemistry students, calling themselves "The Alchemists".  

Periodic Table of ElementsEdit

The Periodic Table of Elements is a chart that displays all the known elements and important information about each one. There are multiple versions of the Periodic Table that have developed over time, however, a standard version of the table provides a simplified representation of each element through letters in boxes. These letters are the abreviations or symbols for each element, based on their current or original names. The number above each symbol refers to the number of protons called the "atomic number" for each element. Elements are grouped according to key physical and chemical properties, serving as the basis for which the Periodic Table is organized. Trends and relationships between groups of elements can be further understood through an interpretation of this table.

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